WATCH: Museum campaigns to rename Zonnebloem back to District Six

The District Six Museum.

The District Six Museum has launched a campaign to officially rename Zonnebloem to District Six, the neighborhood’s name before forced removals in the Apartheid era. To consider the museum’s application for renaming, the Provincial Government’s Geographic and Place Names Committee requires evidence of public support for the campaign.

District Six was renamed Zonnebloem during the Apartheid era after its residents were removed and the area was designated as whites-only under the Group Areas Act. District Six Museum director Bonita Bennett said that for many former and current residents of District Six, the name Zonnebloem is a reminder of the trauma of displacement.

The campaign used door-to-door canvassing, press releases, and letters to businesses and institutions to raise awareness, while an online petition amassed over one thousand signatures since its launch. Those interested can get involved through supporting the online campaign, signing a letter of support, or sending their own letter to