Covid-19: City calls for donations

The City's Disaster Risk Management Centre is asking for donations from NGOs and the public to help vulnerable groups.

Screening and testing for Covid-19 gets underway

Trained field workers will be conducting screening door-to-door starting today.

Residents urged to stay at home

The Hout Bay CPF said police officers and the City of Cape Town’s law enforcement were pelted with stones by residents in Hangberg.

Bin collection will resume soon

The City says every effort is being made to maintain delivery of basic services despite the threat posed by Covid-19.

Fears of impact on food security

Malnutrition threatens many poor households, Professor Julian May warns.

Second term at UCT to resume online

Students will not be expected to carry the same workload online that they would have had in face-to-face settings.

Workers must have ID to enter homes

Identification cards must display the City logo as well as the name, surname and photo of the worker.

Making a difference, one meal at a time

Nazley Sadan and Alene Edson-Smith prepared a few meals and set out to feed the most vulnerable in Hangberg.

IY residents locked down in dirt

Daniel Bathonga has three dumping spots around his IY home, attracting flies and rats.

Novel places spotlight on intellectual disability

Hedi Lampert grew up with an aunt who suffers from Fragile X syndrome and she has spent the last 15 years researching it.