Shocking parking rate

A screenshot of the parking rates as they appear currently on the ACSA website, provided by Deidre Davids.

Chris Grinton, Hout Bay

Last week, I had a business trip to Johannesburg of four days’ duration.

The rate shown for long-term parking was R588, which I accepted, even though we would “lose” a day’s parking. I then parked in long-term parking, then retrieved my car four days, four hours later.

I was shocked to have to pay R774, despite the lower rate shown on the ACSA (Airports Company of South Africa) website.

The parking rate was last updated on the ACSA “parking rates” website in July 2016.

I can confirm I was correctly parked in long-term parking, and my receipt was issued for the self-same long term parking.

There is no phone number for ACSA parking to check the rate, so I took their published rate at face value.

There was no reply to my email to them, so I googled airport parking management’s phone number, only to get through to the South African Weather Service!

The SA Weather Service confirmed that this is a published number on the web for long-term parking at Cape Town International Airport, and that they take a lot of ACSA-related parking queries, but despite raising this anomaly with ACSA/Cape Town International parking, there has been no resolution.

Be warned: even doing a diligent check of rates in advance may not result in paying the “published” rate.

Shame on you, ACSA/Cape Town International. I will be seeking a refund.

Deidre Davids, of ACSA, responds:

We sincerely regret the experience Mr Grinton had.

Our parking rates are up to date on our website. Please see a screenshot of the parking rates as it appears currently on our website. As it relates to the amount paid, this is an amount that is standard for up to five days. Should you park for six days, it reduces to R360. All parking information is available on

Should Mr Grinton require any additional information, please contact our Landside division on 021 935 3737 directly. We would also value the opportunity to interface directly with Mr Grinton.