City actresses in rom-com on silver screen

Amalia Uys plays the role of Thea Hendriks.

Actresses Kenley Swart from Sea Point and Amalia Uys from Tamboerskloof can be seen in a new film called Vergeet My Nie, which will be released on Valentine’s Day, tomorrow, Friday February 14.

The film, shot in Cape Town, Johannesburg, London and Namibia is based on the true story of
Hugo and Mardaleen Derks from Namibia.

It tells the story of Mardaleen, a strikingly cultured student stuck in the small town of Potchefstroom, who yearns for the lights and culture of London. After a dreadful break-up she packs her bags and sets off for her dream city with her best friend, Lara. They stay in House Konettie, along with five other South Africans working in London.

An unexpected romance blossoms between Mardaleen and the Namibian-born housemate, Hugo. It seems too good to be true and the moment feelings are caught, she ghosts him.

Their romance is rekindled when they meet two years later, followed by an invitation from Hugo for
Mardaleen to visit him in Namibia. Her weekend in Namibia turns into a rollercoaster nightmare.

Amalia promises the audience a heartfelt romantic drama with a talented and fresh cast.

“Thecinematographyis amazing and the audience will see breathtaking scenes shot in Namibia and fun, nostalgic elements in London. The 90’s setting is also great fun,” she said.

Amalia plays the character of Thea Hendriks, a free spirit and world traveller who works on ships to earn a living. She has been Hugo’s best friend since childhood and initially causes Mardaleen to feel threatened and jealous. “She is a harmless farm girl though and I really enjoyed playing her,” she said.

Amalia said the audience
will learn that it’s good to be dynamic and ambitious and determined to go places with your career, but when real love knocks on your door, don’t ignore it. “No man is an island,” she said.

Sharing these sentiments, Kenley said people will walk out feeling lighter after seeing the film.

“I think everyone will be able to see a bit of themselves in either one of the characters or choices that
they face in the story. It’s a story that for me challenges you with the question where have you chosen to place your heart, and is it located where it will truly be filled?”

Kenley plays the character of Lara Hattingh, the best friend of Mardaleen and she describes her as someone who’s serious about having fun.

She said this was her first noteworthy job as an actor and getting into the industry has been difficult.

She said she played this
character because it was an opportunity to work and she wanted to be a part of telling a beautiful love story.

The film can be seen at Star Kinekor and Nu Metro. Visit or for bookings.