Cancer survivor releases single of hope

Roeshdien Jaz.

Inspired by Youth Month, Roeshdien Jaz is using his music as a medium for social change and transformation.

The Athlone singer and songwriter has released his new single, Sing to me of hope, a reggae single which was inspired by Bob Marley’s One love.

The song speaks about uplifting society, elevating social challenges and raises awareness about social ills. It calls residents to action around the continued challenges and adversities facing children, youth, and society as a whole.

A percentage of digital sale proceeds of the single will go towards the Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone where Roeshdien volunteered during school holidays.

Roeshdien said it still felt surreal to be able to use music to transform society and bring about awareness.

“I feel quite emotional and privileged to be able to use music in the way that I am. This is such a precious song and I am excited to elevate awareness and to call on people to make a difference in society. It highlights poverty, abuse, troubled youth and the mothers of these children,” he said.

The key message in the song is that every child needs hope and protection, love, dignity, and education. It is performed by Roeshdien, Roots Reggae dancehall artist, Mawonga Mandleni, also known as Overcomer and gospel singer, Adelle Kock.

After being diagnosed in 2012, with colon cancer, Roeshdien used music to push through and live a meaningful life. He underwent three major surgeries and eight rounds of chemotherapy. This year he celebrates seven years of being cancer-free.

During his recovery Roeshdien realised that life was much more than he had imagined. Once he recovered, he completed writing The Calling and launched the single to inspire himself and others to live what they believed to be their purpose.

He is also currently working on his debut album nine years in the making, which is set for digital release in the summer, called The Contradiction. The album will include different genres of music which will cater for every taste and every mood.

“The album is a tribute to life, love, and all its many contradictions. It’s a body of work that has been coming along for a while and much thought has gone into it – each song has been given love and attention,” said Roeshdien.

Sing to me of hope is available on all major digital platforms worldwide. For more information, visit You can also follow Roeshdien on Twitter: @MRJAZ11 on Facebook: Roeshdien Jaz, or Instagram: Roeshdien Jaz