Building proposal gets go ahead

An artisits impression of the proposed development.

The property on 14 Quebec Road in Camps Bay could soon be demolished and redeveloped into a group housing scheme containing six new units as the Municipal Planning Tribunal has approved the site development plan.

Currently occupied by a single residential dwelling, the property is zoned General Residential Subzone 2 (GR) 2 which allows for, among others, houses, guest houses and group housing.

A large property abutting the site is zoned Open Space 2. Access to the site will be taken from Quebec Road by a combined entrance and exit way. The proposal contains a double garage, with two parking bays per unit.

In its motivation, the applicant, through D&S Planning, said the proposed development would contribute to the character of the area and strengthen its aesthetic appeal, and that it would not have any negative impact on the surrounding area.

They said the site’s location, next to public space, would improve safety by creating easy access to public amenities and increase movement through the area, thereby creating “natural surveillance”.

In their objections to the development, residents raised their concerns about increased traffic and increased load on existing infrastructure.

“Traffic implications for existing residents will be massive. Many residents bought in this road as it was a quiet cul-de-sac with very limited traffic so children and pets could roam safely. This proposal will take that away,” said Roland Wood.

Another resident, In-
grid Gordon, shared the same sentiments, adding that the proposed development would at-
tract more taxis, Ubers, and residential cars causing “unmanageable, dangerous” congestion.

Ms Gordon said kerbside parking for visitors would be severely restricted considering the number of dwellings on the street.

Some residents raised concerns about the lack of information provided and said they had to seek additional information in order to submit informed objections.

The Camps Bay Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association also objected to the application, stating that the proposed development was not in keeping with the character of the area and would result in the only group housing scheme in the precinct.

They argued that only the value of the property which was the subject of the development proposal would increase while other properties would decrease in value due to unwanted densification and traffic congestion. They argued that open space abutting the site should be protected from over development.

“Camps Bay is an upmarket and expensive suburb. To apply standards of affordable transport and socio-economic benefits is merely meaningless box-ticking,” said chairman Chris Willemse.