Move out, move up, move for a healthy lifestyle

With the ever-increasing use of technological-devices, the term “glued to your screen” has never been more appropriate.

In fact, we are spending so much of our recreational time sitting down with our screens, that sitting has become a recognised disease.

You might be thinking that problems such as spending too much time sitting (also referred to as sedentary behaviour) and on screens is limited to developed countries such as the UK or America.

Yet, recent evidence shows this is a problem that is prevalent in South Africans, particularly South African children and youth.

The 2018 Healthy Active Kids Report Card (HAKSA) revealed that South African children scored an F for sedentary behaviour and screen time, meaning that very few of the South African children and youth are meeting recommended guidelines and may be at risk for the harmful effects of excessive sedentary behaviour and screen time.

However, we as South Africans, are great at standing up together and fighting for our nation, case in point, the recent stand against gender-based violence.

Now, it is time to stand up for our health, and the health of our children. Last year, we saw more than 2000 people put down their screens, stand up for their health and run 6km.

Will you be joining in 2019?

Once again, the Sports Science Institute of South Africa (SSISA), with its mission to improve health and wellness of South Africans has joined forces with partners who share this mission to bring the 2019 Woolworths/MySchool Move for Health 6km fun run/walk in association with SANParks.

One such partner that shares this mission is the Woolworths/MySchool Educational Programme, a programme that is aimed at getting children active and teaching them about healthy food choices across the country.

This is an important initiative as it helps children to establish healthy lifestyle habits from early on, setting them up for a healthier, happier life.

The SSISA and Woolworths/MySchool have also partnered with Cape Community Newpapers, which publishes this paper and its sister titles, Western Province Cricket Club Running Section (WPCC), Danone, SANParks and the Claremont Rotary Club.

Together we hope to inspire Capetonians from all walks of life to move up, move out and move for your health.

Over the next few weeks, we will be providing all the information you need to get moving and upgrade your lifestyle, including a six-week training plan to get you through your first 6km fun run/walk.

We will also provide insight into how much of our day we should spend being active, on our screens and in our beds, as well as how these behaviours influence our lives.

We will be talking to families and schools to find out how they manage to stay active and what inspires them.

And last but not least, we will be running competitions throughout, with some awesome prizes up for grabs – schools, this is for you too!

So keep an eye out for the weekly articles, challenge yourself, your kids, your friends and your family to move up, move out and move for your health with us!

Save the date…

Race day is Sunday November 3, starting at 6.45am.

For more details, email

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