Domino domination for IZRA club

IZRA Domino Club walked away with everything on offer at this years Western Cape Domino Union season.

Stealth-like focus, determination and pure class are what led IZRA Domino Club to glory this season.

After playing more than 30 games, the club ended unbeaten, winning the first and second round trophy, league title and knockout championship in the Western Cape Domino Union.

It’s a feeling they have grown used to, having won the first round trophy for the past seven years running, as well as the league title for the past three years.

The club is owned and captained by businessman, Ismail Rajah who could not hide his excitement at their latest achievement.

“We are a very family-orientated club which has meetings regularly and we take this game very seriously as some of us have been playing it for nearly all our lives.”

First known as Campwell Domino Club, Mr Rajah decided 17 years ago that it was time for some new life to be blown into the team.

“We were one of the weakest teams in the league and we were always struggling, but I thought it was time for change,” he said.

He set out to recruit the best of the best to jump on board with his idea of creating a domino powerhouse and dominating the Western Cape Domino Union one day.

The players hail from all over Cape Town, including Hanover Park, Mitchell’s Plain and Woodstock, and play weekly matches at the Saint Giles Hall in Rondebosch. “I approached players who were performing in other teams and shared my ideas. These guys came on board and that is when we formed IZRA and the rest is history,” Mr Rajah said.

While dominoes is still one of the most frequently played social games on the Cape Flats, for these club members, it’s a part of their culture and most importantly, their sport of choice.

“We have guys who take this game very seriously and love this game. Guys like Cassiem Hassen, who arrives before everybody else at the hall with dominoes and is one of the last to leave. He is over-committed to this team and its players like this who contribute towards our success,” said Mr Rajah.

This season, IZRA pulled off something no other domino club could manage, creating history by winning every title on offer, a first and second round trophy, league honours as well as the Top 8 Cup.

“There were teams in the past who managed to win everything in the league, but then failed to win the Top 8 and then teams which maybe won three out of the four major trophies. IZRA this year took everything,” said Mr Rajah, who now has his sights firmly set on going international and taking on some of the best in the world.

However, IZRA’s first goal would be to refocus and start planning ahead for next season.

“Teams are going to come at us now that we have secured the titles. We do not treat any team lightly and every game is a big game for IZRA and that is the difference.

“It’s an absolutely fantastic achievement that everybody must know about it. To you it might be just a game, but to us, this is our sport,” Mr Rajah said.