Taking the first step into the future


The future is looking bright for five youngsters from Imizamo Yethu who were given an opportunity by the Hout Bay Youth Development Forum to apply for registration at the Boland College in Stellenbosch.

The forum aims to empower the youth of Imizamo Yethu and Hangberg by means of education, skills development and assisting in securing employment.

Forum chairman Mzi Nkayi said they found that the main reason pupils dropped out of school, especially in Grade 11, was because of poverty and a lack of hope.

“They feel hopeless and see a future of unemployment, gangsterism and drug abuse.

“Our aim is to change their outlook on life and show them that they have a purpose and a bright future,” Mr Nkayi said.

On Tuesday March 22 the five youngsters – Brian Xubuzane, Monica Xubuzane, Emkelani Njabo, Nwabisa Khamisa and Lamla Tina – along with Mr Nkayi made their way to Boland College where application forms – to apply for registration for the second semester – were completed.

Boland College is a public technical and vocational education and training institution.

Mr Nkayi said it was amazing to see five young people so excited and hopeful.

“I could see the joy in their eyes. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life when I was in matric so I understand the situation of wanting an education and a future,” he said.

Emkelani, from Imizamo Yethu said she was very excited about the opportunity given to her by the forum. After being at the campus, she said she had liked it, and had applied to study marketing – but had not yet thought about what she would do after finishing her studies.

Nwabisa, also from Imizamo Yethu, said she was still feeling overwhelmed but was very excited. She applied to study hospitality and plans to work in a hotel after completing her studies.

Mr Nkayi said the five were very excited about their future and he was sure they would make the Hout Bay Youth Development Forum proud.

“We want to recruit more pupils and assist Grade 11 pupils by bringing them hope and assisting them in making good decisions for the future,” he said.

Head of communications at Boland College, Jandre Bakker confirmed that five applications to register had been completed by the students on Tuesday March 22.

He said, however, that no students were yet registered for the second semester as the applications were subject to an academic selection process, meaning that applications will be checked to see if students have the necessary minimum requirements to be allowed registration for the second semester in the course they applied for.

“This process is followed to make sure the students can complete the academic programme they applied for,” he said.

Once it has been established that a student does have the necessary requirements for the programme they have applied for, they will be invited to register and will be provided with a student card.

Mr Bakker said once students have been given the go-ahead to register, they may apply for bursaries which is subject to certain requirements.