Share history of Maiden’s Cove

Vanessa September, Gary Stewart, Janey Ball, co-founders, Maiden’s Cove for All

Maiden’s Cove for All (MCA) is a newly formed non-profit established to represent the broader Cape Town community in protecting and ensuring continued access for all to the Public Open Space at Maiden’s Cove.

Our association is deeply concerned at the R1 billion tender awarded by the City of Cape Town in October 2017 for the development of this precious land. We are particularly concerned that the historic and current users of Maiden’s’ Cove were not properly consulted prior to the sale of the land and, in effect, this group has been rendered invisible in
all the processes followed up to now by the City.

We are calling on members of the community who have a connection with
the Maiden’s’ Cove space to tell us their stories of what the space means to them and the part that Maiden’s Cove has played in their lives.

We’d love to know about special occasions marked at Maiden’s Cove, or annual visits, or any other fond memories of the space. It will also be helpful to know in which suburb respondents presently reside.

Stories can be
emailed to We hope to be able to compile a substantial record
of the history and current use of the space, and stories (identified only by initials and suburb) will be curated on our
website and shared
to our Facebook