Nets vandalised

The netting that has been introduced at the corner of Princess Avenue and Harbour Road.

The City of Cape Town’s Coastal Management Team has reminded the public not to interfere with the netting operation that is under way as part of a process to rehabilitate the Hout Bay dunes.

In the short time that the wind nets have been in place, significant theft and vandalism of the wind nets have occurred, placing the project in jeopardy. “It is very sad to hear that people are vandalising and stealing from a project which will benefit the community. The public must not interfere with the netting operation.

“Residents are also urged to be vigilant and report incidents of vandalism to the onsite security, located at the corner of Princess Avenue and Harbour Road,” said the City’s mayoral committee member for area north, Suzette Little.

“This netting is critical to reduce the impact of wind-blown sand on adjacent infrastructure, and is a fundamental step that is required before planting can take place at the onset of next year’s winter rains. If removed or damaged, much of the work to reshape the dune will be detrimentally impacted when the prevailing south-easterly winds start to blow in the next few weeks. Furthermore, if the nets are damaged or removed, the wind-blown sand problem will continue.”