Mural of hope in Hangberg

The mural was put in place by the #HealOurHome team in Hangberg last week.

The brainchild of Cape Town visual artist Imraan Christian is a long-form body of work that finds expression in the symbolic street art murals created for the Cape Flats, settlements and townships within South Africa.

The project aims to promote healing and positivity among the country’s youth.

“In recent times, we have seen a stark increase in gangsterism and violence against women and children, and #HealOurHome is a direct response to that; by building our own army and affirming the idea that we, the youth, are all artists, and its time to tell our own stories now,”
Mr Christian said.

He photographed local Hangberg children, whose image was then blown up and placed on a 8.5 x 5m canvas.

He collaborated with Hangberg’s Harvest Youth Project on the piece.

“The imagery within the murals hopes to promote a conversation around what we as individuals, and as a community, can do to heal our home, no matter how small or big. It is about taking the power away from the false narrative reducing coloured people to a homogeneous group of gangsters.

“The truth is that we are so much more; we are the original storytellers of this land, and once we begin the process of healing, we will begin remembering who we are.”

Mr Christian hopes to take this project across the Western Cape, and is appealing to businesses and entities to sponsor walls.

Those interested in getting involved can email him at