Setting the record straight

William Bowler, chairman: Hout Bay Residents, Ratepayers and Heritage Association

I referred Sentinel News to Stephen Forster for comment on the proposed amendments to the Municipal Planning By-law (“Residents comment on by-law”, Sentinel News, April 5).

He gave you his views but there is a misquote in the article which reflects the exact opposite of what he said.

The quote as printed reads: “Unfortunately, Cape Town is constricted in size and cannot expand any further – the City needs to control densification. We cannot allow everyone to freely expand and build as they please. The only expansion that should be allowed is into agriculture, parks, or nature conservation.”

The correct quote should read: “Unfortunately, Cape Town is geographically constricted and expansion of the city into valuable agricultural land and nature conservation areas (national parks) is undesirable.

“The City has acknowledged this fact by promoting densification of existing urban areas.”