Making an entrance

A 132 Morris 8 convertible arrived in Hout Bay on Friday September 1. According to resident Allan Dellbridge, who took the photograph, its owners had shipped it down from Zimbabwe as they had recently relocated to Hout Bay. “The owner spotted her in a scrap yard in Zimbabwe and spent two years restoring the car to her former glory. However, this gracious lady was not in a hurry to relocate to her new home. She was brought down from Zim on a flat-bed truck. In fact she put up a bit of a fight!” During the process of unloading, the car became wedged over the end rail of the truck. “It took quite a bit of manpower to lever up the front end to make enough room to clear the end rail of the truck. Finally she was clear and descended not too graciously to the ground, having lost her exhaust pipe in the process. She was then driven – a bit noisily up to her new home in Baviaanskloof. Hopefully we shall see her soon gracing the roads of Hout Bay. Welcome dear lady,” he said.