Local artist paints a brighter future

Matthew Gill

A Hout Bay artist is making waves on the art scene with healthy sales of his work at a local gallery.

Matthew Gill, a UCT Michaelis School of Fine Art graduate, has sold more than 20 paintings out of the Hout Bay Gallery so far this year, after battling for several years to sell privately as a commissioned artist.

A trained printmaker, he started carving wood blocks in 2008.

“After a decade of carving, I’ve really mastered my technique and can express myself through this medium. Currently, I create tattoo-inspired woodblock carvings, which I paint and cast in resin. I’m proud of this work as it’s bold, fun and I believe very unique as an artwork.”

He announced himself on the art scene in 2015 when he appeared in the Sentinel News, (“Artist celebrates life’s many shades,” Sentinel News, July 24, 2015).

“My ambition is to have my artwork in a few more local galleries and have some of my artwork selling out of Amsterdam and the UK,” he says.

He battled to find his own unique style while working on commission, he says.

“Throughout the years I’ve been very scattered subject-wise as making money as a commissioned artist requires extreme versatility.”

But his recent approach has clearly struck a chord with art lovers if the rate at which his paintings have been going out the door at the Hout Bay Gallery is anything to go by.

“I’m a fighter; I don’t give up easily. Facing challenges head- on and turning out victorious motivates me,” he says.

One of the gallery owners, Marika Gill, no relation to Matthew, says they’ve got a wall full of paintings.

“People like his work for many reasons, whether it’s the techniques he uses or the fact that his work relates to them.”

* The Hout Bay Gallery is at 71 Victoria Avenue. Call 021 790 3618 or visit www.houtbaygallery.co.za

Matthew Gill Art is on Facebook and Instagram. You can email Matthew at matthewgillart@gmail.com