Little Angels creche rises from the ashes – again

One of the new classrooms at the creche that was recently added after the fire.

Little Angels Educare Centre in Hangberg is slowly starting to spread its wings after having suffered some major setbacks in recent times.

After two arson attacks, the creche was forced to rebuild.

Creche owner, Liezel Matthews, said the incidents had made her stronger and she hoped to continue building her creche.

“It was one of My worst nightmares. I did not fight back and they might think they won, but I know who they were and believe me, if this case had to go to court, they would have lost,” she said.

“I have lost so much and had to start from scratch, but I did it, even though it took me again so much hard work to rebuild.”

In June 2020, a local housing protest spiralled out of control, resulting in locals turning on the creche due to a dispute regarding the land on which the creche stands today, (“Little Angels torched”, Sentinel News, June 26, 2020).

The fire in 2020 left most of the Little Angels Educare gutted and destroyed.

Just over a year later, after the creche had been repaired and there were plans to extend the creche, there was another fire, which destroyed the new balcony and classrooms (“Hangberg creche destroyed by fire, again”, Sentinel News, August 20, 2020).

“When it burned again, there were so many rumours, but I know the truth will reveal itself. This time, I lost three of my beautiful classrooms with everything including my storage, my new decking, almost my kitchen, but the community was in time to save that, but again it did not stop me from starting all over again,” Ms Matthews said.

“We are now back on track and the feeding and educational institution is running smoothly.”

Creche staff worked hard to repair the creche and get it ready for reopening earlier this year.

On Saturday March 12, the creche was buzzing with excitement with they held the grand opening of the newly refurbished creche, joined by Mayor Gordon-Hill Lewis, who cut the ribbon to to officially open the doors.

Creche owner Liezel Matthews with Mayor Gordon-Hill Lewis

“I was honoured to have our mayor part of the cutting of our ribbon. I can only thank God for taking me and my staff through the most difficult two years of our lives,” Ms Matthews added.

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Little Angels Educare Center or the feeding kitchen, can contact Ms Matthews on 087 323 4750 or visit their creche in Hangberg.

Creche owner, Liezel Matthews, on the repaired balcony that was destroyed in the last fire.