Kids’ holiday programme

The 790 Youth Rec Club is planning a holiday programme for 100 children in the December school holidays.

The holidays run from December 8 to January 10 and the club in Karbonkel Road intends keeping them fed and busy during this time, says youth co-ordinator Roscoe Jacobs.

“This period is a high-risk period in which children can either become victims and/or perpetrators of crime,” he warned.

“Children who are involved in sport and recreational activities are less likely to commit crime, do drugs and join gangs.”

Mr Jacobs called on residents and businesses to support the programme.

“The funds raised will be used to purchase equipment, train volunteers and provide a daily meal for the children. The cost per week per child is R100. This includes something to eat each day.

“We believe it takes a village to raise a child, and everyone has a role to play in ensuring that our children become law-abiding adults.” To find out how to make a donation, call Mr Jacobs at 082 261 1174.