BEFORE: Amber Studer shows off her long locks prior to the haircut.
Amber Studer was encouraged by three of her friends to part with 30cm of her long hair which will now be used to make a wig for patients undergoing treatment for cancer.

“I’ve always had extremely long hair. Our family has been affected by cancer, so I wanted to do something good for others who are going through the same thing,” the bubbly 13-year-old said.

On Friday November 30, Amber paid a visit to Mainstream Hair in Hout Bay where hairdresser Marthinus Albertus performed the “procedure”.

She was understandably nervous as Mr Albertus and assistant Abby Ebrahim measured off the 30cm and bound the section of hair with rubber bands. As the scissors neared, a wide-eyed Amber cupped her hands to her face waiting for the inevitable, but soon broke into a broad smile as Mr Albertus presented her with what had been removed.

Amber’s mom, Shaney, said she was very proud of her daughter.

“She has actually been thinking about doing this for six months. We then decided to call CANSA in Mowbray to find out what we would need to do, and this is the result. The hair will now be sent to CANSA, and we will get a chance to see the wig when it’s finished,” Shaney said, adding that Amber wanted to have the haircut before the end of the school year so that she could share her new “look” with her friends.
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