Firemen to the rescue

Paul Nefdt, left, and Gary Strydom with Amanda Gonono and her new brother.

Natalie Kotze, Hout Bay

We would just like to share with you what happened in the early hours of Wednesday September 12.

Thozama Gonono, a woman living in Sea Glades, Hout Bay, had gone into labour and the family had called Metro for an ambulance at 4am.

At 4.50am, I got a phone call for help as they feared they would wait a while for an ambulance, to which I gave them the number for Watchcon, Hout Bay.

We would like to name Dennis and Reuben who answered our calls for help at the Watchcon emergency number and tried to reach ambulance services. They confirmed to us that no ambulances were currently available.

It was through the help of Watchcon that a call was put through to the local Hout Bay fire department to send help.

There were two heroes from Fire and Rescue, namely Paul Nefdt and Gary Strydom, who were sent to the house to help. The two gentlemen were on scene and remained with Ms Gonono as they continued to wait for an ambulance.

At 7am, the baby was indeed on its way with the head beginning to show.

In our desperate plea for help, an ER24 ambulance was called, which was organised through ADT security with the help of Dennis from Watchcon.

The baby was delivered at 7.20am on the floor of their garage in Sea Glades complex by the two heroes, Mr Nefdt and Mr Strydom.

The ER24 ambulance arrived shortly after and transported Mrs Gonono to hospital.

The Metro ambulance ended up only arriving at 8.40am after they had first been called at 4am – a four hour and 40 minutes wait.

The mother and baby were sent home later that night, all healthy and well.

A huge thanks is needed for the local Hout Bay firemen who were able to deliver this baby all by themselves.

Watchcon was a huge life saver and a blessing to have this helpline.

These heroes are incredible and what a fantastic response to our cries for help in those hours.