Feeding scheme needs help with home

The Peace and Mediation Forum’s feeding scheme container needs some urgent attention.

The Peace and Mediation Forum’s feeding scheme in Hangberg needs help to cement its future in the area so that it can continue helping those in need.

The initiative, which operates from the Hangberg Advice Office in Salamander Road, was started in July to address the ongoing struggles within Hangberg.

PMF chairperson Jan Lewis said the feeding scheme was started with Hangberg resident Doreen Saunders who saw the need to feed the most vulnerable in her community.

After acquiring a container through the City of Cape Town, they secured further funding through the Hout Bay Partnership.

“Some of the materials were sponsored by various contractors that did work at the 60 row houses and the new electricity department.

“We are still busy properly fixing the container to make it safe in terms of the healthy and fire measures,” he said.

Hangberg mother of four Melany Wyngaard lost her job earlier this year when her company closed.

At first, Ms Wyngaard was forced to knock on doors for help, but later discovered the many feeding schemes coming to the aid of their community.

“This is one of those feeding schemes who always made the effort to feed our people.

“Yes, there are plenty doing their rounds and I am not speaking badly of any of them, but I always get help here and we are never turned away,” she said.

Ms Wyngaard added that the PMF’s feeding scheme was needed in Hangberg and called on the public to make it a regular feature.

“Our people are really struggling in this community and we have people who live off these feeding schemes. You can’t find work now and that is why people turn to these soup kitchens and feeding schemes,” Ms Wyngaard said.

Hangberg resident and spokesperson for the PMF, Warren Abrahams, said there was no proper cooking equipment in the container and they were currently borrowing gas burners and stoves.

“There are a lot of caring feeding schemes in Hangberg from Dallas, Texas, Oceana Roads, Karbonkel Road, Atlantic Skipper Road, Salamander Road, the Rental Blocks and Informals Structures who make sure our community don’t go hungry and we all work together perfectly,” he said.

He confirmed that upgrades to the containers were “90%” complete but they were still in need of various items to complete the makeover.

Mr Abrahams added that they were looking forward to working with the existing structures within Hangberg and Hout Bay to be able to assist more people in need.

“Since the opening of the new feeding scheme, people and children in the area are happy and we are glad that we can add to the existing and generous feeding schemes in Hangberg,” he said.

If you are able to assist the PMF feeding scheme, contact Mr Lewis on 073 885 3575 or Mr Abrahams on 074 803 2513.

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