Eco-warriors thriving at school

Thrive’s annual enviro audit has helped Kronendal Primary remain one of Hout Bay’s Earth-friendly schools.

The non-profit-organisation runs annual inter-school environmental audits, where each school has to do a presentation reporting what it has done to promote sustainable living, for which it is awarded points.

Schools can earn extra points at the live Thrive EnviroQuiz Competition on September 6, before the grand total is tallied at the end of the year.

Individuals will be given a chance to answer questions on the topic of Biodiversity and Waste, which is the theme for 2019.

At the end of the school year, eco prizes – including trips, water tanks and nature reserve excursions -are awarded.

Kronendal Primary Grade 6 teacher Kate Rogers spoke to Sentinel News about how the school was managing its waste.

Several eco-friendly initiatives are under way at the school, including flourishing food gardens, LED lighting and usable compost for the grounds.

“We dispose of all of our compostable waste into worm farms on the property. We also use the three-bin recycling system throughout the school and have planted over 200 fruit trees all over our premises,” Ms Rogers said. “We have records from previous years and audits to show how our energy and municipal water consumption have improved.

“We have been on the Thrive programme for years now, so although every lesson is different, the ethos does not change from year to year. We like the continuity. The children particularly love learning by doing, so it doesn’t feel like ‘school’,” she said.

Helen Adendorff, executive director of Thrive, said they consider Kronendal to be one of their champion schools.

“Thrive Hout Bay has had a close relationship with Kronendal Primary School since the inception of our sustainable schools programme 10 years ago, and even before that.

“Teachers at the school were instrumental in founding and promoting the programme, and have lead the way as role models. We will be sharing key principles that Kronendal has demonstrated as a host school for Enviro Events over these past years,” she said.

The Thrive audit programme keeps Kronendal Primary accountable as a school, and Ms Rogers said it encouraged communication and interaction with like-mind schools.

“The Thrive audit makes us comparable to other schools. Thrive motivates and encourages us,” she said. “The children are truly empowered to make a difference at school and at home and learn to respect the world around them.”

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