Councillor angered after thieves steal beams

These beams were stolen last week.

Beams installed to support new trees and shrubbery aimed at beautifying the entrance to Hangberg, have been stolen.

Three tiers of wooden beams in excess of 30 metres were established among the waterwise plants outside Sentinel Primary School, but last Tuesday, June 20, they disappeared overnight.

Ward councillor Roberto Quintas had used more than R100 000 from his ward budget allocation for the installation, and was disgusted that the beams, which formed part of the landscaping project, had been stolen, allegedly to build illegal structures in the Hangberg area known as Die Sloot.

“I had received numerous requests from the community to beautify the area, and had used money from my ward allocation to buy fever trees and waterwise shrubbery. This would benefit the whole Hangberg community. This area is the gateway to Hangberg, and a beautified area would give pride and dignity to the community,” he said.

“I am deeply saddened by this theft from community property, and I condemn it in the strongest possible terms.

“These are the actions of people who have no sense of community, and have a blatant disregard for people. They also have absolutely no sense of right and wrong.”