Reading of new musical play

Lyricist Télan Hamer

A showcase reading of a new musical called The MP’s New Suit will be presented at the Artscape Arena on Sunday October 27, starting at 6pm.

The reading is directed by Roy Sargeant with musical direction by José Dias.

The MP’s New Suit introduces the team of composer Attie Esterhuizen and lyricist/ book writer, Télan Hamer.

“The MP’s New Suit is a comedic take on contemporary South African politics, full of good laughs and delightful music,” says Sargeant.

“We are so looking forward to sharing this showcase reading, taking the musical from page to stage and obtaining feedback from the audience”.

Set in South Africa today, The MP’s New Suit is a modern-day adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes.

The musical tells the tale of a self-absorbed minister who has an acute obsession with clothing and his appearance. In his office we meet his wives, Ayize and Ayanda, who sympathise with him only for his money, and his secretary, Clever, who seems to be in it for the greater good.

The MP is outraged when he discovers that he has not made front page news with his latest media appearance. He pins it down to the state of his attire and decides to put out a tender to design the most fabulous suit ever made, for him to wear at his upcoming press conference where he will announce that he will be running for president. This is where the seemingly humble but sly and cunning clothiers, The Brothers Bullsheeta, come in.

There is no cost to attend the showcase reading. Email with your name, surname and contact details for tickets.