Book review: Cat Therapy, a memoir

Cat Therapy – Cancer in the time of Corona

Gail Gilbride

Karavan Press

Review: Karen Watkins

This memoir combines the challenging journey of battling breast cancer with the unexpected twist of the Covid pandemic.

Gilbride takes us on her emotional roller-coaster ride from disbelief, anger and fear with news of her cancer diagnosis to her ultimate journey as she settles in to fight it.

Despite the heavy subject matter, her writing is permeated with honesty and a positive outlook on life.

What makes this an inspiring and uplifting story is her multi- faceted approach to healing. Apart from taking on the medical treatments she also explores alternative therapies.

Her rituals and routines include celebrating small wins with bubbly and enjoying milky tea on rainy afternoons.

Gilbride is determined to nourish her body, meditate, exercise and explore her consciousness. The presence of Archie, her ginger cat, as a furry wingman throughout, adds a heart-warming touch.

She has turned a harrowing experience into a story of growth and connection.

Cat Therapy is not just for those facing cancer but for anyone seeking inspiration and a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit.

Gilbride’s previous book, Cactus Rain was selected as a top 10 finalist in the Author Academy Awards competition (USA).