Stress less at exam time

Each year there are tragic reports of pupils taking their own lives around or after exam time, perhaps triggered by fear of failure or disappointing results.

Sportsman of the year

You can send your school pictures for publication to

Walking bus programme picks up speed

Mayor Dan Plato started the programme in 2016 when he was the Community Safety MEC.


Ward councillor Roberto Quintas donated a laptop to the Sentinel Primary School following a break-in at the school.

Read of the Week

Phiri Cawe reviews Parcel of Death: The biography of Onkgopotse Abram Tiro.

Table toppers

Cape Town Table Tennis Open Championships attracted the best of the best from across the city.

Green Machine takes gold in master’s series

The week-long event, played on an artificial turf, inside a net, with a rubber ball, by eight players per team, was hosted in Cape Town for the first time this year.

Ice hockey star skates to success

Uzair Sadan's relentless display on the ice also saw him being chosen by local coaches to attend the two-week Starzone camp in Sweden where he took part in drills with other players his age.

On the ball

Snipers will go to the play-off fixtures as favourites having won all five of their league fixtures.

Detecting breast cancer

Professor Jackie Smilg warns that every woman is potentially at risk of getting breast cancer.