All about the bra

Tips for a proper bra fit

When adjusting your straps, re-
member back straps must sit parallel to each other

Band level must be all the way around without riding up at the back

Straps should not dig into the shoulders and the band mustn’t be too loose.

To check the fit, wires and centre front must sit flat against the body. There should be no gap in the centre front.
The wires should not dig into your

Caring for your bra:

Handwash your bra with a mild detergent.

Don’t hang your bras in the sun as the elastane in the garment will lose its elasticity.

Interesting facts about the bra:

The women of Crete wore bras in 2500 BC.

French feminist Herminie Cadolle invented the modern bra in 1889.

The first bra was patented on November 3 1914 by 19-year-old Mary Phelps Jacob who didn’t want to wear a corset to a debutante ball and created a backless brassiere as a substitute.

Will Rosenthal and his wife Ida were the first to measure the linear measurement around the rib cage under the breast and the cup size, measured in volume.

You can recycle or donate your bra. Inner Secrets is one of the places where you can drop off your old bras, which they donate to a woman’s charity.

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