Young women’s challenges in the spotlight

An event in Hout Bay will assist young women facing challenges.

A local NPO is hoping to make a difference by working to uplift young women in Hout Bay.

Serenity Psycho-social support and wellness services, in collaboration with numerous like-minded women from all over Cape Town, have come together for this worthy cause.

The organisation now hopes, with the help of the public, to host a girls-only one-day event on Saturday March 28, to cover an array of subjects involving the difficulties women face in society today.

Registered counsellor at the support group, Alene Smith, said: “We believe the time is now to bring about the necessary mental and emotional shifting in our young women. For too long have our youth and especially the girls been left to their own demise, with hardly any positive influence, guidance and nurturing.”

She added that young women were falling prey to the social ills, which are prevalent in previously disadvantaged communities.

“We desire to catch them and offer each a glimpse of hope,” Ms Smith said, adding that many young women were faced with challenges which often forced them to make drastic decisions, sometimes with devastating consequences.

Some of these challenges include dropping out of school, risky sexual behaviour, substance abuse, domestic violence, bullying, peer pressure, gang involvement, inappropriate conduct and social interaction and financial lack, unemployment and poverty.

The organisation highlighted some of the consequences of these challenges as being dependence on social grants and older men, operating with drug lords, merchants, poachers as a sense of security, sex work, devaluing of self and others as well as poor hygiene and self-care.

“This event is earmarked for the high school goers of our no fee-paying schools in Hout Bay namely Silikamva High School and Hout Bay High school,” Ms Smith said.

A total of 50 pupils from each school will be given the opportunity to register for the one-day event.

With no funding and budget allocation, the organisation is solely dependent on donations and are still in need of a few things such as refreshments, coffee vendors, lunch, photographers, T-shirts and more.

The event will take place at the Hout Bay High School on Saturday March 28, from 10am to 1pm.

If anybody is interested in donating anything towards the event, contact Ms Smith on 074 895 3342 or email