Young man dies in freak accident

The death of a Bay Harbour market employee, in a freak accident last week, has left the community of Hout Bay in shock.

David Geldenhuys, 22, an employee of May Bru Clothing, died on Friday evening, February 26, allegedly from an electric shock while attempting to repair a popcorn machine.

Bay Harbour Market co-founder, Anthony Stroebel, said in a statement a full investigation into the cause of his death is currently underway.

Based on several statements from surrounding traders, it seems like David suffered an electric shock while attempting to repair a popcorn machine at an adjacent stall.

Mr Stroebel said despite immediate action taken by a doctor who was at the market at the time, as well as follow up treatment by paramedics, Mr Geldenhuys died at the scene.

“It is understood that David suffered a heart attack and was not able to be resuscitated. The exact cause of death is still to be confirmed,” he said.

He said his thoughts and prayers were with Mr Geldenhuys’s family, friends and co-workers and the entire Bay Harbour Market community mourned this terrible loss.

On Saturday morning, market traders gathered at the market to pay their respects to Mr Geldenhuys.”It was widely agreed by the traders that the market should in fact stay open, as a sign of loyalty and solidarity and in celebration of David’s life,” Mr Stroebel said.

He added that a certified electrician was consulted prior to opening on Saturday morn- ing to ensure that the incident posed no risk to the safety of the traders, their staff and the pub- lic.

Mr Stroebel said Mr Geldenhuys was well loved by everyone at the market and had a kind and considerate nature as well as a great passion for his job.

Police spokeswoman, Warrant Officer Tanya Lesch confirmed the incident at the market and said an inquest docket has been opened.