’World-class’ facility for Hout Bay

Round two of developments at the Hout Bay Sports Complex are set to get under way next month, with many other sporting components on the cards.


Hout Bay Sports Complex is about to start a new chapter when the next scope of work kicks off next month.

The two-phase project will see the start of phase 2, set to begin on July 1 and forms part of the new scope for the new financial year, according to ward councillor Roberto Quintas.

A second hard court for basketball and other combination ball sports will form part of the next phase, as well as the re-establishment of the natural grass field and other improvements around the sports complex.

“These (improvements) will bring the facility in line with world-class offerings in terms of community sports and recreation facilities offering netball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey, rugby, cricket, softball and a host of sporting options, as well as informal play area and skatepark,” Mr Quintas said.

Hout Bay Community Police Forum chairperson, Anthony Chemaly, liked the idea of the facility being labelled as “world-class” and said: “Having a well-managed facility is great for Hout Bay for sure.”

He did raise concerns around the management of the access and fencing, but maintained that anything allowing youth to be kept busy and away from bad behaviour was always important to crime prevention.

Part of the Hout Bay CPF’s plans going forward mainly centre around youth development, with hiking clubs and more on the cards.

“This will be great to have so many options. We will engage the City regarding the use of the facility and making sure SAPS support police clearances for the coaches and people wanting to run children’s programmes,” Mr Chemaly said.

Last month, construction at the site was delayed when a group of Imizamo Yethu locals had stormed the premises, bringing work to sudden halt, making demands and threatening workers on the site, (“Protests halt construction work”, Sentinel News, May 14).

Mr Quintas said: “I’m extremely proud that this much delayed upgrade is happening within my term, and am delighted to see long-planned improvements coming to fruition, for the enjoyment of all.”

Imizamo Yethu community leader, Kenny Tokwe, said the upgrades were “long overdue”, but much-needed for Hout Bay.

“We need this for our Hout Bay community and for our young ones. World-class facilities like these can be used to showcase the talents our loving Lord gave to them. This is a really great way to pump some pride back into Hout Bay and put them back on the map for health. Sports in the community is a great way to combat crime and build the people of your community,” Mr Tokwe said.

With the upgrades, he was happy that children in the community would have more opportunities to be active and keep fit.

“This will definitely be exciting for our children, because many of us are fed up with seeing our children doing nothing,” he said.