Wall an ‘eyesore’

Deborah Saint, Hout Bay

In John Harvey’s article (“Sea wall and sand trap at Mariner’s Wharf,” Sentinel July 20), ward councillor Roberto Quintas says, “The gabion walls will allow for further management of the wind-blown sand, as well as enhance the potential of Hout Bay’s primary asset – it’s world class beach.”

I beg to differ. The wall is a positive eyesore – an uglier wall could not have been built.

If it was built as a necessity to prevent sand blowing onto the road, then why couldn’t it have been more aesthetically pleasing?

Grey stones (cheap) in cages piled one on top of the other? Why not use sand-coloured stones as used in cladding, and make it more attractive?

I haven’t met one person on the beach, and I am a regular beach-goer, who actually likes that wall, and there have been many criticisms of it on Hout Bay Organised.

As for the benches that were recently installed for people to sit on and enjoy the sea view, they can now gaze at the “wall”.

No more watching the waves from your car as you eat your fish and chips either. Who designed it and who passed the plans? Obviously someone who has no idea of what is lovely and attractive. It’s horrible. It has completely spoilt the beach.

One can only hope and pray that the wind and tide will eventually destroy it.

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