Waiting for new scrubber

Alan Stevenson, Hout Bay

Henrie Geyser’s letter and mayoral committee member for health, Siyabulela Mamkeli’s reply in the Sentinel News refer (“Fed up with the stench”, April 1).

The reply is essentially a smokescreen. The problem arises because the parameters within which the factory operate are too wide and this makes so-called “ full compliance” with the emission licence a simple task. The factory has been pumping out foul smells for years while thumbing its nose at the rest of Hout Bay and hiding behind “ compliance”.

When will the installation and commissioning of the new scrubber be completed? Reference to “some months” for this to happen is very vague. Can we please have a definite date – I would have thought that after all this time this is the least that should be provided by the people who are the cause of the problem ?