Upset over ‘dog beater’


A Hout Bay man wearing an orange wig, blue mask and a note saying “I have less rights than my dogs” pasted on his guitar – at the traffic circle in Victoria Road – has outraged locals after it was revealed he had allegedly beaten his rescue dog to near death for chewing his shoes.

While some residents thought he was funny after a photo of him was posted on community Facebook group, Hout Bay Organised, it was clear that others were appalled with his actions and thought he was a “psychopath.”

The man, whose name is known to the Sentinel but is not being published as he could not be reached for comment, admitted to court appointed facilitator to DARG, Nathalee Kamieth, that he had beaten Toby, saying if he had not been stopped he would have killed the dog.

On Wednesday May 18, Domestic Animal Rescue Group (DARG) received a Facebook message from a tenant living on the premises of the man.

The message stated that he had brutally beaten his dog, Toby.

According to Ms Kamieth, the man adopted Toby and a three-legged dog, Daisy, from DARG.

Ms Kamieth and two employees from DARG then went to his house to remove Toby, which is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the DARG adoption agreement.

The man handed Toby over without any objections, however; he refused to hand over Daisy.

Officials left with Toby who was taken to DARG and treated by a vet.

Ms Kamieth said given the fact that the man had admitted to abusing Toby, officials returned to his home the following day, Thursday May 19 – along with a police officer to remove Daisy.

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She said DARG was still awaiting a detailed report from the vet who treated Toby but it was established that he has suffered physical and severe emotional trauma due to the beating.

Following the incident, the man could be seen singing and playing his guitar at the circle near the police station as well as the traffic circle in Victoria Road.

But abuse is not the only thing the man is accused of.

DARG volunteer, Hilary Russell Gun said she drove past him at the traffic circle opposite the police station last week and shouted to him that he was an animal abuser.

“He gave me the middle finger and I drove to the police station to ask the police to remove him,” she said.

When Ms Russell Gunn let the police station, she had to make her exit via the traffic circle again.

“Traffic was slow around the circle and he approached my car and kicked the door,” she said.

“Toby is currently in the care of the Vet for further observation and monitoring and DARG has contacted the relevant authorities in order to take the matter further,” said Ms Kamieth.

Police spokeswoman Warrant Officer Tanya Lesch confirmed a police officer had accompanied DARG employees to remove Daisy and said no case had been opened.