UPDATE: Hout Bay Clinic to resume services

The Hout Bay Clinic to return to normal.
The Hout Bay Clinic will resume its services on Monday September 10 after it closed its doors due to “volatile and unpredictable” unrest in Hangberg, the provincial Department of Health said today.

The closure of the clinic was met with unhappiness from the community who feared patients, including the elderly, would not have access to medication and other essential medical services.

However staff felt threatened by the unrest (“Clinic closes its doors,” Sentinel News, Friday September 7). 

Last week Monique Johnstone, health department spokesperson, advised patients to use Retreat hospital, Hout Bay Main Road clinic or Lady Michaelis. 

The department said safety measures would be a priority when the clinic reopened on Monday. 

“Ongoing discussions with the various structures will continue to enable a safe environment for both patients and staff,” said Ms Johnstone.