Ubuntu raises the roof at IY daycare

Siluncedo Daycare Centre in Imizamo Yethu recently lost its roof until Ubuntu Chairty e.V got involved and decided to repair the damage.

Tragedy struck last week at Siluncedo Daycare Centre, in Imizamo Yethu, when high winds blew the roof off the building.

The rains soon arrived and the daycare scrambled to battle the leaks, working overtime to protect what was left of the roof.

The principal, Thandeka Mcinziba, said the damage caught all by surprise, but she was grateful that nobody was hurt.

It was only last year that the daycare suffered a major setback, when a builder abandoned the job, leaving leaky toilets for the children to use (“Unfinished business at IY educare,” Sentinel News, March 26, 2021).

Coming to the daycare’s aid was Ubuntu Charity e.V, a non-profit organisation registered in Germany.

The organisation’s director, Silke Rylands, said she was sad to see the state of the building and immediately knew that they had to get involved and help.

“I was visiting the daycare and noticed the entire roof was blown off and so I went back to find some builders and planners, then proceeded to help,” Ms Rylands said.

After buying the materials needed, workers repaired the broken roof last weekend, bringing much joy at the daycare.

“Now the kids do not have to sit in the rain or the daycare does not have to close down, because there are many kids who go there and many parents who rely on this,” Ms Rylands added.

Ms Mcinziba said she was thrilled with the support she had received from the organisation but added that the daycare could still use some help.

“We still have a few issues with leaks in other parts of the daycare, some general issues and we could do with more help to make this place better for our kids,” she said.

Community leader Kenny Tokwe described the people involved with repairing the daycare as “angels sent”.

“This is a great way to show how people are coming together and working together. The daycare needed help and they did not ask any questions, but rather just helped,” he said.

“That brings people together, the love and help. That is the true meaning of ubuntu, the true meaning of love for one another.”

To help the daycare, call Ms Mcinziba on 079 224 9621 or contact Ubuntu Charity e.V through their Facebook page.

Silke Rylands interacting with the children at the daycare during one of the organisation’s many programmes in the community.
The roof of the main building at the daycare being repaired.
The daycare’s main classroom was affected after building’s roof blew off.
The new roof at Siluncedo Daycare Centre in Imizamo Yethu.

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