Ubuntu is Hout Bay

Hellen Matsvisi

Hellen Matsvisi, Hout Bay

Ubuntu is us Ubuntu is Hout Bay

In the midst of the pandemic

The pandemic that came from afar

Faraway faraway into our beloved

Country to leave us with nothing but tears but we say

Ubuntu is us Ubuntu is Hout Bay

Ubuntu is us Ubuntu is Hout Bay

Ubuntu is oneness Ubuntu is Hout Bay

With a piece of paper I write in tears saying Thank you, Siyabonga

Dankie Hout Bay for from the left I see Love, I see love through the trucks and cars flocking into our humble homes to give us a meal

A meal for my mother

A meal for my father

A meal for my brother

A meal for my sister

Ubuntu is us Ubuntu is Hout Bay

Ubuntu is us indeed I take this Time to say thank you, Thank you to all because even if it’s a time to stick at home

Because we don’t know what tomorrow holds but love has just pushed us and say just give

Ubuntu is us Ubuntu is Hout Bay

Thank you Courage for with Courage you came in our community ignoring all risks of the pandemic to give us a meal

Thank you Pick * Pay Hout Bay for without Paying you allowed us to pick

Thank you James House for you indeed proved you are the House we can run to when crises strike

Thank you Sisterhood for being a sister’s keeper

Thank you Amoyo Performing arts Foundation for with dance and music you have played a part in feeding our humble community

Thank you Serenity Psychosocial support for with a meal you brought to us serenity

You made us calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

Thank you Gordon Aeschliman for with a golden heart you saved us from hunger.

Thank you Nazley Sadan for with your wonderful smile you saved the day.

Thank you dear organisations

Thank you dear individuals

Thank you dear cooperates

Thank you artists for music you made not just for our ears but also for our stomachs as you sang to fund-raise.

It’s no longer Imizamo Yethu, Hangberg, or Hout Bay suburbs

But Hout Bay community

Indeed Ubuntu is us Ubuntu is Hout Bay

Ubuntu is oneness Ubuntu is Hout Bay

Please continue to support the community by donating to the following organisations by reaching out to these organisations:

James House. Email Kashiifa@jameshouse.org.za or call or WhatsApp 0843255760

Amoyo Performing arts Foundation. Contact marilyn@amoyo.org or kim@amoyo.org or WhatsApp 082 9587187

Serenity psycho-social support and wellness services, Alene Smith at 0748953342

Courage initiative. Visit the website www.courage.africa

Sistahood – visit www.sistahood or call 078 494 2525 for more information.

Nazley Sadan on 081 367 7060.