Tribute to Hangberg victims

Hangberg hip hop star Peter Michaels, better known by his stage name “Spike P”, launched his long-awaited music video for his song Not Guilty last

The launch, at Mama’s Seafood and Grill in the harbour on Friday July 7, drew an enthusiastic audience keen to see the result of Mr Michaels’ collaboration with producer Ricardo Domingo and US music star Evan Brown.

With protester Songezo Ndude dying as police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades at crowds last week, Mr Michaels said the theme of the song and video was a stark reminder and warning about police bru-

In October last year, Mr Michaels was wrongfully arrested with 18 alleged abalone poachers simply by virtue of the fact that he worked in Hout Bay harbour, and Not Guilty details that experience.

The video, which was filmed in Hangberg, is directed by Wayne Johnstone of Myth Media Entertainment. “The message I’ve wanted to get out is that there is no need for police to use force when making arrests. There are a lot of innocent people being caught up in situations and manhandled,” he said.

He also wanted to explain to youth in Hangberg that no matter what their circumstances, they could rise above them and make something of themselves.

“For me, music is a universal language that speaks to everyone. It can help you get out of the poverty and violence. I invited some police officers to the launch as well, because I want to hear their perspectives on what is happening in Hout Bay.

“The launch was also a way to pay tribute to the youth who lost their lives in Hangberg this year. Some of them were my cousins, and some my friends.”

Mr Michaels wanted to encourage community leaders to take a stand and do everything in their power to help the youth. “People look up to them, and they must set an example. They need to represent, and instil a sense of pride about Hout Bay in people.”

Recently, a mural depicting Hangberg children was installed in Hangberg, and Mr Michaels hoped to see similar artworks being established all over Hout Bay.

“I am hoping to work with the people of Hout Bay who have gone on to great things on this project, the sports stars and musicians. I think it would make us all proud as a community.”

He thanked Mama’s Seafood and Grill owner Fidel Meter and Harvest Youth Project director Helena Fagan for hosting the video launch.