Transform community

Jane Flack, Hout Bay

It is always good to hear the bad news and the positive news.

Thank you to the Sentinel for providing us with both. We need to know what is going on in our community.

Last night (Wednesday September 12), I had the privilege of attending a “Connect Meeting” – where men and women from different churches in Hout Bay and around Hout Bay get together.

They are set on doing what Jesus commanded, making a difference and turning the world upside down for Him. Influencing and impacting individuals, groups and areas in the community.

Helping to establish creches, encouraging individuals to realize their dreams. Offering help not handouts to empower those who are struggling to break the chains of poverty.

They are seeing the gospel preached, the sick healed, the hungry fed and the naked clothed.

I don’t want to mention their names because I know that they would not like that, but, personally I am gobsmacked at the love, commitment and energy of these men and women who serve God.

They work in separate fields, but they come together regularly to strategise, compare notes and share resources.

There is more happening in Hout Bay than some of us ever dreamed. May the work of Jesus Christ be multiplied and our community be transformed.