Tip off leads to arrests in Hangberg

Picture: Armand Hough / African News Agency (ANA)
Two men sustained injuries to their lower legs after they were shot by members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) who were following up on a tip-off in Hangberg on Thursday August 16.
Police say they were following up on a tip-off when they found four suspects inside a house in Hangberg.
The officers could see that there was a firearm visible inside a small cupboard through the glass front door, and noticed the suspects reaching for it. 
One officer fired one warning shot with a R5. Two suspects sustained injuries to their lower legs. 
One suspect was transported to Victoria hospital and another two suspects have been detained. 
During the search a 12-gauge shotgun with a serial number which had been filed off was recovered and handed in as evidence.  A paint ball gun was also handed in.  
During further search of the premises crayfish was found in the deep freezes in an outside building. Nineteen 50kg bags of frozen crayfish (total 952) were also recovered and handed in as evidence. They had an estimated value of R80 000.
The search came just a week after violent protests following the disappearance of fisherman Deurick van Blerk.
The 25-year-old went missing at sea when he and two others tried to escape police on an anti-poaching patrol.
Protesters took to the streets , voicing their anger at his disappearance and the fishing quotas. The protest led to road closures and damage to property.
Sidney Luckett from the Social Revolutionary Workers Party (SRWP) said he had spoken to Mr Van Blerk’s family last night.
“They know that he’s unlikely to be alive but they remain hopeful. The search is continuing.”
Mr Luckett said Mr Van Blerk was not the first person to disappear at sea.
“There’s a pattern of fishermen that are chased by police at sea and they’re never seen again.”