Thanks for your calming words

Michelle Louise Thomas, Hout Bay

I have been living in Hout Bay for over 12 years with my family and a handful of dogs and one cat.

On Friday May 13, one of my dogs, a nine-month-old pup, was knocked down by a car at the bottom of our driveway.

I went straight to Penzance Veterinary Clinic, where I was greeted with such warmth and kindness (at that time I was in a complete state).

Teddyson, my pup, was on my lap, and one of the staff members took him from me and took him straight into the surgery where Stephan Mauch, the vet, was ready and waiting to tend to him.

I recall him saying, “This is a bad break.” And of course that just sent me flying into tears and shock.

I was taken in by a most loving and most concerned lady by the name of Joy.

She was just amazing, and if it wasn’t for Joy, who calmed me down at the time with her words and glasses of water, I might have just plopped to the floor (lights out).

The ladies at reception were marvellous as well.

In my 44 years, I have never been treated with such respect, dignity and warmth.

The nice thing was that nothing was mentioned about cost or money. I’ve been to vets and hospitals and they will not touch human or animal without a deposit paid.

The cost was discussed at the very end, once I was calm and Teddyson was already booked in.

Major work was done to his leg and a metal plate was inserted with pins.

The time they have spent on my pup has been phenomenal.

I picked up Teddyson on Wednesday July 6 with open arms and excitement.

I would like to thank the two vets, Brendan Brady and Stephan Mauch, all the staff and, of course, Joy, for the wonderful service Teddyson and I received at Penzance Vet.