Stones thrown at police after Hangberg arrests


Calm is being restored in Hangberg after police were pelted with stones during a search for drugs earlier today.

According to Peace and Mediation Forum secretary Warren Abrahams, police arrested suspects allegedly found in possession of drugs, but the community apparently had seen one suspect being “manhandled” by an officer.

“A group of between 30 and 45 youth then started throwing rocks at the police van. After the suspects were taken away, protesters burnt tyres at the entrance to Hangberg,” he said.

Atlantic Skipper and Harbour Road intersections were blockaded by the protesters, and SAPS and Law Enforcement descended on the scene to monitor the situation.

Mr Abrahams emphasised that adults were not involved in the protests.

“These are mostly kids, from Standard 5 (Grade 7) and into their teens. Residents must be aware that this is not a service delivery issue; it is a police brutality issue.”

The protesters began dispersing shortly after 2pm.

Ward Councillor Roberto Quintas had been present when security agencies and said they had been “pelted with stones by youths on the mountain side”.
“I condemn the lawless activities and behaviour,” he said.