Start your own champion water team


1. Complete this African proverb: If you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far go…

2. Which of these words does not indicate teamwork: Co-operation, collaboration or solitary?

3. True or false: Champion teams are successful because they celebrate diversity and learn from each other.

4. Name two community organisations in Hout Bay who are water champions.

5. A ‘night soil bucket’ is a euphemism (a nicer word for) for what?

6 Apart from night soil bucket, name three other man-made contaminants that pollute our rivers.

7 Why should invasive species be removed from our rivers?

18 True or false: Abstraction is the removal of water from a river.

9 How were the waters of the Disa River stolen over 100 years ago?

10 How has the reduced flow of the Disa River affected Hout Bay?

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