Sports netting being repaired

The netting at the Hout Bay Sports Complex damaged by severe weather and vandalism last year is being repaired.

The broken back netting has been an unwelcome sights for residents and visitors entering the village near the sports field.

“The chief causes of the damage to the netting was as a result of the storm of last year and the fencing also acquired damages due to ongoing vandalism experienced during the facilities use as an emergency displacement area post the fire of March last year,” said ward councillor Roberto Quintas.

“The City has had to submit insurance claims for these various damages and some of the repair funds will have to come out of the City’s own management budget in terms of operational and capital expenditures.”

However, he was pleased to report that fencing repairs were under way.

“This same exercise took place earlier in Hangberg this year with the repairs and new installations at the sports and recreation AstroTurf there.

“The Hout Bay Sports Complex is now also seeing repairs and maintenance carried out which will not only ‘mend fences’ with the nursery next door, which has had many balls flying over the boundary and into their property, but will also improve the appeal of this well used facility which sees many league competitive games taking place on the field.”

Mr Quintas condemned the vandalism at the complex.

“The cost of such results in facilities having to allocate funding in order to come back to standard instead of being improved or enhanced. This is a theft of opportunities for improvements that come at the expense of the communities who use these facilities and should be reported whenever witnessed.”