Silikamva High scores record 93% matric pass

Silikamva High School’s top achiever, Sisipho Thole, earned three distinctions and a 77% aggregate. Pictures: supplied.

Silikamva High School has scored a 93% matric pass rate – its highest ever and a far cry from the 40% it managed just five years ago.

The school’s principal, Siphathisiwe Nkala-Nkohla, praised the matric class of 2023 for their historic achievement.

“They worked very hard during the course of the year, and they deserve this. It is with the dedication of the staff members, teaching and non-teaching staff.

“As a community school, this is a great achievement, and we would like to see our learners going on to tertiary institutions rather than lounging around on the street corners of Imizamo Yethu.

“The school has been on an upward trajectory for the past three years, and we hope that we will continue to produce good results in the future,“ Ms Nkala-Nkohla said.

The school’s 2019 matric pass rate was just 40% but it scored 62% in 2020, 85% in 2021 and 87% in 2022.

Top achiever Sisipho Thole, of Imizamo Yethu, earned three distinctions and a 77% aggregate.

“I am mostly proud of my English marks. I obtained 81%, and this makes me proud because it wasn’t easy. Since Grade 11, I was getting around 75-78%,” she said.

Her studying routine consisted of an organised schedule, and she would prepare for the next subject the previous night.

“The challenges I faced were staying disciplined with my studies and following my schedule accordingly. Sometimes when I’m doing homework on a certain subject, I would just continue doing it and end up using the time meant for studying to carry out other tasks.”

Sisipho hopes to pursue a career in medicine and specialise in gynaecology, but dentistry and pharmacy are also options.

“I don’t have a specific university that I am interested in. Getting to any university to study any one of my career choices would just excite me, and that is because I personally believe what you study is more important than where you study it.”

She advises the 2024 matrics to be consistent and disciplined at all times.

“I believe by doing so they will achieve the best grades. This is for every young person from IY. I know it’s not easy; there are many challenges that we face as young people from IY, but let’s not let these challenges distract us from having dreams that will make us successful. Instead, let’s embrace these challenges so that we can rise above them.

“I would also like to say thank you to my high school and primary school teachers and also my family for the support and the love they all showed me. They are not taken for granted.“

Akhona Kayise, also from Imizamo Yethu, obtained a Bachelor’s pass and three distinctions in business studies, Xhosa and maths literacy and ranked among the top-10 achievers.

“I’m so proud and grateful that the hard work paid off,” she said. “My study routine consisted of a study timetable where I had a study session of two hours with the complex subjects. Then from Thursday to Saturday, I spent an hour and a half with the less challenging subjects, and then on Sunday, I took a break.”

She said she had often stayed up until late at night to start studying because “in a township the only time you can get total silence is at night when everyone’s asleep”.

She hopes to become a chartered accountant or financial advisor and study at the University of Johannesburg.

Akhona Kayise hopes to pursue a career as a chartered accountant or financial advisor.
Some of Silikamva High School’s record-breaking class of 2023. In front, from left, are Likhona Gogoba, Mikuso Dlakane, Babalwa Mbilini, Snqobile Gushu and Amanda Gcwabe. Back: Lihlombe Nqenqa, Nasiphi Ngwalangwala, Nendy Zito and Naledi Mqoqi