Rotary shares moments as Bull inducted as president

Joelle Searle passes the chain to new Rotary Club of Hout Bay president, Keith Bull.

Guests were in high spirits for the Rotary Club of Hout Bay’s 32nd annual induction dinner, held at a local restaurant on Tuesday May 15.

Keith Bull was inducted as the club’s president for 2018/19, taking over the reins from Joelle Searle at the gala event, which was attended by past presidents, district governors and invited guests.

Past president Don Peters led proceedings as guests enjoyed a three-course meal and toasted South Africa, Rotary Interna-
tional and the Rotary Club of Hout Bay.

As has become customary, a “Rotary Moment” was shared with the audience. Past president Butch Liebenberg told the story of a group of elderly residents at York House battling with their intermittent television reception.

After being informed of their situation by Liz Huckle, of the Lion’s Club, the Rotary Club rallied and agreed to pay for the installation of new equipment for the residents.

“The following day, we received a message from a man named John. He said we in Rotary had no idea what we had done for the residents, as it had changed their lives, since they no longer had to sit there day and night with no signal,” he said to the appreciation of guests.

Jackie James announced that she was ending her three-year term as assistant governor and thanked Rotary for making her always feel welcome.

“I also want to applaud Hout Bay Rotary for bridging Hout Bay’s three communities. What a range of projects you do have. I hope that you continue to be an inspiration to your community,” she said.

Ms Searle, the outgoing president, said it had been a “fantastic year”, and so many people had helped her achieve her goals of consolidation and fellowship within Rotary Hout Bay.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat, but can I have 20 years’ rest first?” she quipped.

Mr Bull said Ms Searle would be a hard act to follow and paid tribute to her as an example of a “shining light” at the club.

He will be returning to the UK for the next few months but assured members that while he might be a “president at a distance, I will not be a distant president”.

“We will continue to grow our early childhood development work, and our role with Early Act, Interact and Rotaract will continue to be developed. We will also continue to support the Main Road Clinic as well as local organisations,” he said.

“My main focus will be to embrace all Hout Bay’s communities,” he said.

The Rotary Club’s goal to build a skatepark for Hout Bay was now in sight, and Mr Bull was determined that the remaining funds would be secured shortly.

He also revealed there was a proposal to assist Hout Bay’s volunteer emergency medical services team in terms of raising funds to kit out a new ambulance.

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