Robbery at Hout Bay garden centre

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Police are investigating a weekend robbery at Earthworx Garden World.

Three armed men entered the garden centre from the Disa River side at about 9pm on Sunday, according to owner Gwen Gower.

“They smashed down the door of our security man’s home, which is on-site. They tied him up and pistol-whipped him on the head with their guns. They threatened to shoot him if he didn’t hand over the keys to the offices.

“When they realised he didn’t have the keys, they ransacked his home, stole some of his clothes, his television set, mobile phone, all his bank cards and his money,“ Ms Gower said.

“There was one getaway driver waiting in a white car while the robbers broke into the man’s home. We can’t specify the brand of car though. The security guard managed to stop his bank cards in time before the robbers could withdraw his money.

“The following day, they made purchases with his Mukuru Card at the Hout Bay Pick n Pay and OK store.”

Hout Bay police chief Captain Jerome Syster said the perpetrators were still at large.