Protesters lay grievances on mayor’s table

Fires were set along Harbour Road last Friday.

Following last week’s protest in Harbour Road over service delivery and land issues in Hangberg, a report-back meeting was held on Monday August 21 at the Hangberg Sports and Recreation Centre.

On Friday August 18, protesters, mainly residing in Die Sloot area, burnt tyres and branches along Harbour Road. They were complaining that they were not being provided with sanitation, electricity and proper shelter.

These residents also took issue with how they were being led by the Peace and Mediation Forum (PMF).

A meeting was held later with Mayor Patricia de Lille, where they briefed her on their grievances.

According to Roscoe Jacobs, secretary of the Hout Bay Civic Association, the mayor agreed to address service and land issues at a presentation on Monday August 28.

There is also an option to re-elect the PMF or add more members to the structure of the organisation.

Mr Jacobs said at Monday’smeeting, it was resolved that the PMF and the City should be informed that the community wanted a special annual general meeting within a week to re-elect the PMF leadership; that protest leaders request Ms De Lille’s presentation rather be done on Thursday August 31, and at this meeting the PMF would be re-elected; and that it should be clarified that the delegation which would meet with the mayor was not the new PMF.

In a statement issued to the Sentinel by PMF secretary Warren Abrahams on Thursday, the PMF said after listening to the report back meeting, the residents are “clearly not aggrieved by services etc”.

“They are power hungry and their sour grapes comes to mind when I look at some of the individuals spearheading these unfortunate events and taking advantage of the community. These are lawless individuals that have their own agendas and interests at heart and not the interest of the entire community which should include ratepayers, back-yarders and rentals,” he said.

“Some of them have personal issues with HPMF individuals and also want to protect their livelihood of illegally renting out and selling of plots in the HIDA and SLOOT areas.”

He said it also appeared the protesters wanted another delay and to “throw a spanner in the wheels of progress” we made with regard to new housing, the HiDA project, Die Sloot and services.

The HPMF and Councillor (Rob) Quintas was in process of setting up meetings with all stakeholders and the City Officials to report on all areas as stated on the Peace and Mediation Forum’s Facebook Page ( where all cluster/public community meetings, information and HPMF projects and programmes are posted for transparency and feedback.

“The secretary of a disbanded Hout Bay Civic Association is trying to undermine and jeopardise this long process that took the community 30-plus years to achieve and with positive outcomes and agreements these individuals wants a foot in the door to enrich themselves.

“We say ‘no’. We will not be held hostage by lawless individuals or groups in our own community when it comes to upgrades, housing and services.”

He said the PMF would attend the meeting with the mayor as a partner of national, provincial and local government as per the community’s Hangberg Peace Accord and High Court Order.

* This article has been updated from the print edition of August 25.