Penguins’ Mexican munchies pay off in scouts’ culinary clash

Matthew Midgley, left, and Arren Dundraj from the Kingfisher patrol.

Flavours from around the world tantalised at the scout hall next to the common on Princess Street last Friday night for 2nd Hout Bay scout troop’s annual cooking competition.

Four patrols unleashed their culinary expertise as they battled for top honours in the troop’s MasterChef: Hout Bay 2023 contest.

This year’s theme was “Around the World in 80 Bites” so the meals had to have an exotic flare.

Kingfishers patrol members were talking Italian with caprese salad, linguine alla puttanesca and camping tiramisu.

The Penguins found themselves in a Mexican standoff with tacos, quesadillas and churros.

The Petrels went big in Japan with onigiri and okonomiyaki.

The Seals took a passage to India with spring rolls, butter chicken with dhal and naan bread and Indian rice pudding for dessert.

There could be only one winner though and, in the end, the Penguins proved victorious with their Mexican munchies.

The patrol has won the competition twice in the three years it has been running.

The judges included Anton Noffke, who was 2nd Hout Bay’s troop scouter in the 1990s and the troop’s first Springbok Scout, and former 2nd Hout Bay scouts Dominic Holling, Cosmos Nhongo, Matthew Hansen and Connor Christopher.

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Kingfishers patrol, clockwise from left, are assistant patrol leader James Crane (in blue), Jamie Southey, Matthew Midgley, patrol leader Rebecca Saville, Emma Achterberg, Caitlyn Spencer-Smith, Arren Dundraj and Noah Spooner. Seated with them at the far end of the table are former 2nd Hout Bay troop scouter Anton Noffke, left, and district commissioner Conrad Thomas
Clockwise from left are troop leader Felix Sehested-Larsen and former 2nd Hout Bay scout Connor Christopher with Petrel patrol members Indigo-Rose Howell, Bella Gouws, Clark Jonker, assistant patrol leader Harry Southey, Adrian Keith and Leon Chitanda.
Seals patrol, clockwise from left, Vaughn Bolus (middle), Michael Tetani, Seidi di Talamo, Sebastian Wells, patrol leader Elinor Hansen, Ethan O’Callaghan, Mila Coetzee, assistant patrol leader Isabella Couvaras and Nicholas Venter. At the far end of the table are former 2nd Hout Bay scouts Dominic Holling, left, and Cosmos Nhongo.
The winning Penguins patrol, clockwise, from left, Benjamin Rousalis, Luca Venter, Emma Barker, Robin Taljaard, Tessa Dingle and Ceara Border. Seated the far end of the table are 2nd Hout Bay pack scouter Rob Keith and former 2nd Hout Bay Scout Matthew Hansen.
Ceara Border, left, serving food to Robin Taljaard.
2nd Hout Bay scouter Kiara Winter, left, and 2nd Hout Bay troop scouter Joseph Hansen, centre, present the “MasterChef: Hout Bay” award to Penguins patrol leader Ethan Blake.