Only high-risk patients to be tested for virus

The new testing centre in Groote Schuur.

If you have flu-like symptoms such as a dry cough, sore throat and a high fever, do not go to hospital, the clinic or the pharmacy, rather call the National Institute for Communicable Diseases (NICD) hotline at 0800 029 999

It is vital to quarantine or isolate to protect those most vulnerable for coronavirus, like the elderly or those with long-standing illnesses.

You can save their lives by going into an isolation (confirmed infections) or quarantine (possible infections) facility.

If you test positive (or have likely symptoms) you do pose a risk to elders and those with underlying illnesses. You can choose to
isolate or quarantine at home but they will be kept safer if you isolate away from them and in a facility
away from home. Isolation facilities are for those either tested positive or for the most likely direct contacts.

Those who have come into close contact with someone who is confirmed to have coronavirus or awaiting test results will also be asked to quarantine.

Isolation is a when a person with confirmed Covid-19 is separated from others. Quarantine is when a person who does not have confirmed Covid-19 but has been in close contact with someone who has it, is separated from others; or someone who is awaiting test results. Health teams will assess the level of risk in each household and recommend testing and quarantine as needed.

In both cases (quarantine and isolation) the period is 14 days and symptoms must be checked daily.

The provincial government and municipalities are providing
comfortable facilities where you can safely be in isolation or quarantine away from home, until it is safe for you to return.

When taking up accommodation at one of the isolation or quarantine facilities, you will be transported to the relevant facility and back home after 14 days.
Young children will not be separated from their mothers or caregivers but can accompany them to the facility.

The quarantine facilities offer a single room per person and access to a bathroom. The isolation facilities offer single or shared
rooms and access to bathroom facilities. Regular meals are provided during the period as well as a laundry service.You will be monitored by a health team to support you during this period.

You can keep in regular contact with family members through phone calls or social media messaging as visitations are not allowed.

The contact information for quarantine or isolation referrals per area:

In the Klipfontein/Mitchell’s Plain area, call 021 370 5000 or email or

In the Western/Southern area, call 021 202 0900 / 021 202 0938 or email

In the Khayelitsha/Eastern area, call 021 360 4710 or email or or

In the Northern/Tygerberg area, call 021 815 8892/3 or email or