Noise complaints fall on deaf ears

Hout Bay police have been criticised for not clamping down on “super spreader” street parties being held in Hangberg.

Two “super spreader” events in Hangberg broke all Covid-19 protocols and caused a stir, forcing locals to contact Hout Bay police for help.

However, the police never arrived and celebrations went on well into the night in Salamander Road, with little to no Covid-19 protocols being adhered to.

Loud music, drinking in public, illegal food sales and overcrowding were among the complaints received from the public.

The complainants wished to remain anonymous for fear of being victimised by members of the public.

In a message, which Sentinel News has in its possession, sent at approximately 1.07am, the complainant said: “The Valentine’s Day party still going ahead with increasing volume.”

“The music carried on until 04:30 in the morning,” another complaint read.

“We have people living in the block that are so inconsiderate towards other people and they clearly do not care about the elderly as well. Twice now they had what we call a ’street bash’. Twice we called the police for this and they never came out,” the angry resident said.

“This is plain unfair. They have people from all over Hangberg joining this so called ’street bash’, not caring about social distancing or Covid-19 and they are also not concerned about the level of noise or the curfew for that matter.”

The first event took place on Saturday February 6, which drew a large crowd into Salamander Road carrying on into the early hours of the morning, (“Anger over ’super spreader’ street party in Hangberg”, Sentinel News, February 12.)

Another complainant said: “We had a big bash last Saturday in our street. The people in control lives close and I just want to know if it is allowed because they are very inconsiderate. Apparently another bash will be given this coming Saturday. please will you be able to put a stop to it?”

Despite the first event drawing plenty complaints, the second event, a Valentine’s Day Bash, went ahead on Saturday February 13, much to the frustration of residents and ward councillor Roberto Quintas.

“I am disgusted to report that it did indeed went ahead, despite forewarning of this by myself to SAPS, Law Enforcement, Metro Police and the City’s housing department,” Mr Quintas said.

He confirmed that several complaints came streaming in until around 3am the following day.

“This is not only noise disturbance, but an event that endangers the very community itself by means of disregard to masks, social distancing and curfews. Something the vast majority of law abiding residents have to endure and contend with no matter how damaging they are to their lives and livelihoods and comforts,” Mr Quintas said.

“SAPS has not performed its mandate under the current state of disaster, even when given forewarning.”

Despite numerous attempts by Sentinel News to get comment from the Hout Bay police station, they failed to respond to our queries.

Mr Quintas was yet to receive a response from police at the time of going to print and also requested that the City’s Housing department investigate house the flats are being used for illegal trading in the form of a braai stand.

“The community of Hangberg is held to ransom by a well-connected and protected minority, who behave with impunity and wreak,” he said.

The Sentinel News called the numbers advertised on the posters in an attempt to get comment from the organisers, but was unsuccessful.