New robotics lab opens at International School

The state-of-the-art robotics laboratory will prepare pupils to be proactive problem-solvers in the future.

Hout Bay International School recently launched its robotics laboratory.

Andrew Travis, the Robotics teacher, says he is probably as excited to have the opportunity to facilitate robotics as the senior primary pupils are learn
about it. “Being a teacher now, when learning opportunities like Lego robotics are available, makes me wish I could be a child again,” he said.

The robots need to be constructed and programmed with precise, logical instructions to achieve a specific purpose. Hout Bay International is one of a number of schools in the Western Cape, including Wynberg Girls Junior, who have included robotics and coding in their curriculum.

“If they don’t achieve their goal, students have to go back to their instructions and figure out how to get it right,” explained Mr Travis. “In a fun way, this helps to prepare them to be proactive, goal-oriented problem-solvers in the future.”